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HDD to SSD Upgrade Service


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Upgrade from a mechanical hard disk drive to a new solid state drive and increase your device's performance 600-1200%, depending on existing hard disk drive specifications.

Applicable Devices:

  • Samsung 860 EVO Series Solid State Drives (SATA & M.2 SATA)
  • Samsung 970 EVO Plus Series Solid State Drives (M.2 NVMe/AHCI)


  • Our 2.5" to 3.5" Drive Bay Adapter will be required when a 2.5" mounting position is not available.
  • Our PCIe SSD Expansion Card will be required when an on-board M.2 slot is not available and an M.2 SSD has been chosen.
  • Our External Hard Disk Drive Enclosure can be used with the existing HDD, once this service has been completed.  All existing data will be left intact.


  • Hard Disk Drive removal, HDD to SSD clone and Solid State Drive installation.
  • Installation of any optional drive bay adapters or add-on cards is included with purchase.
  • Test & Burn-In to verify data integrity.


  • Our Partition Resizing Service will be necessary when the HDD and SSD are of different capacities.
  • When an External Hard Disk Drive Enclosure is not chosen, the existing hard disk drive will be returned to the customer with all existing data left intact.
  • While the PCIe SSD Expansion Card we use works with most operating systems; when replacing the operating system disk using an M.2 SSD and the expansion card, your current motherboard's BIOS must support booting to an add-on card.


  • Shipping charges apply for any non-local customers (outside of Yerington, NV).
  • Device or drive must be shipped to our office at your own expense.


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